Best Uses for Drones in Business

Although delivery seems the most obvious use of a drone for business, there are ways your company can put a drone to good use.

Drones seem made specifically for certain industries, such as delivery of goods. However, it’s still not legal to deliver products to homes via drone in the United States. But that’s not the only good use. Many industries are already reaping the benefits of having drones on staff. For instance, the U.S. military use drones for several operations, including gathering intelligence, for surveillance and even strike missions. They can also be used for search and rescue. Businesses are starting to use these mini aircraft to handle jobs that are difficult or risky for humans, and for jobs that are simply easier with the aid of a drone.

Wedding Videos

One of the most common uses of a drone lately has been for video of events. Wedding videographers around the country are buying drones and taking crash courses in how to pilot one because consumers are demanding videos that show every angle of their special day. Photos and video taken from 400 feet are undeniably spectacular if done right.


If you have a warehouse full of products, then you’re likely using every available space – and that means stacking boxes of products high up on shelves. Usually, you’d have to use ladders and several workers to take inventory of your product, which is time-consuming and potentially dangerous. With the aid of a drone, though, you can fly the unmanned aircraft to the top of the ceiling and down each aisle of your sprawling warehouse to scan each item and track everything without having to send anyone up a ladder or cherry picker.

Real Estate

Whether you’re in the business of selling homes or property, a drone can help you show potential buyers what they’re purchasing without having to travel to the home or land. You can easily collect aerial footage of the building or land, and the surrounding area, to give the buyers an idea of what they’ll be getting.

Media & News

What was once only possible for large corporations that could afford a helicopter and pilot is now accessible for anyone who provides news coverage. Whether you blog, write reviews or spot news, you can include dynamic video with the help of a drone that can capture all sorts of events – from sports to features to demonstrations.

Studying Environment

Research of animals and environments has become even easier with the help of unmanned aircraft. You can fly a drone in areas you wouldn’t normally be able to access and observe wildlife and more without disturbing any of the animals or the habitat. Waterproof drones exists, so scientists can even study the behavior of animals at sea. It’s a safer way to study.

It’s important to remember to practice safe drone use. The Federal Aviation Administration has strict regulations on unmanned aircraft. If your drone weighs more than half a pound, it must be registered with the FAA. You also need to adhere to speed laws (no more than 100 mph) and weight limits (no more than 55 lbs.). Your drone must fly no higher than 500 feet. Also, if you fly anywhere near an airport, you should let the tower know you’re flying in the area.

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