Best iPad Apps for Business

The right set of apps can turn your iPad from a simple tablet, into a powerful business device.

iPads have multiple uses and can be customized by the types of apps you add to them. The App Store by Apple offers a variety of apps for business. Here is our list of the best iPad apps for business. These apps can help you connect with teammates or clients and seamlessly transition from the office to on the go.

1.     Slack Business Communications for Teams (Free)

Slack is a comprehensive communication tool for team collaboration. It allows you to have multiple group conversations and sort them by keyword or department. You can also control the privacy settings by creating open or private conversations. Within the app, you can share documents and media files with your group chat. You can archive your chats and save them as searchable documents. This allows you to quickly find information from specific messages.

2.     Keynote ($9.99)

Keynote helps you collaborate with teams and present remotely. This app is specially developed for Apple so it works seamlessly with all Apple products. If you create a presentation on your iPad, you can upload it and access it from you Mac or iPhone. If you don’t have a Mac, you can access your presentations from a PC as well, though the transition will not be as smooth.

3.     Skype for Business (Free)

Skype for Business lets you access your messages, host meetings and share your screen. If you have the Microsoft Office Suite, Skype for Business integrates with your account so you can easily access and share your documents without leaving the app. You can chat with one or more colleagues, or setup a video call from your iPad.  Skype helps you stay connected with your team, even when you are out of the office. 

4.     Scanner App (Free)

If you need to send a PDF but do not have a scanner nearby, Scanner App can turn your iPad into a scanner. This app will auto-recognize the edges of your document and automatically snap a picture once everything is aligned. It also includes editing tools on the home screen, so you can adjust or position your file as needed. Scanner App saves each file as a PDF so you can easily send it without worrying about compatibility issues. 

5. Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)

With Wolfram Alpha you can supercharge to your math and science data. This computational knowledge engine can answer nutritional questions, track stocks, plan investments and work with productivity. It’s sort of like Siri, only smarter. In fact, Siri is powered by Wolfram Alpha in part. 

6. Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader on your iPad works the same way as on your desktop. You can use this app to view, annotate and review documents. You can also use the iPad’s camera to take a photo of, say, a receipt, and save it as a PDF. Plus, you can fill out forms and sign documents with an Apple Pencil or even your finger. 

7. Pocket

You can save an article, link or video to read or watch later with Pocket on your iPad. It syncs your content across phones, tablets and computers, and offers unlimited storage. You can also access the content offline and tag items for easier searches later. You can recommend content to others as well.  

8. Freshbooks

Your accounting can come with you anywhere if you use Freshbooks. You can use this app to create invoices, receive payments, capture expenses and track billable hours. It can create and send estimates to clients and backup your data to the cloud so you can get it from anywhere. 

Business apps help you turn your iPad into a business tool so you can take your business with you when you leave the office. The right set of apps can turn your iPad from a simple tablet, into a powerful business device. 

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