5 Tricks to Simplify Your Business Trip

Business travel can be a whole separately level of stress. But there are some things you can do to ease that stress.

Traveling away from the comforts and regularities of home presents plenty of challenges. However, when you add the business aspect, your travel game gains a whole new layer of complexity.

Aside from having to pack suits and ties instead of Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses, traveling for business adds a few extra stresses that can’t be overlooked. Between scheduled meetings, a strict itinerary and adhering to a travel budget, you can’t afford to allow the small nuisances of traveling to interfere with your objectives.

The next time work takes you far away, remember these five travel hacks that can simplify your business trip:

1. Make friends with travel apps.

The power to simplify your trek from Point A to Point B lies within your smartphone. You already know where you need to go, and you can find out how to get there quickly and easily by using the right travel apps.

Indoor navigation apps can help guide you turn-by-turn through venues such as airports, offices, hospitals and other buildings so you can reach your destination with confidence. Virgin Trains Explorer powered by Pointr Labs for example, is a brand new indoor navigation app designed to help you find your way around train stations such as Kings Cross in London, United Kingdom.

You can bring along a digital secretary, such as TripIt, to organize all of your flight schedules, hotel information and appointments in one single app. If you need to find an ATM or gas station, such apps as AroundMe makes the perfect tour guide in an unfamiliar city. With a few taps you get a bird’s eye view of the restaurants, hotels, hospitals or anything else you might need at a moment’s notice.

2. Take pictures of your receipts.

One misplaced receipt can thwart a full reimbursement, so take pictures of every travel expense. Make sure your pictures show the full receipt, and that you can clearly read the information. You should still make an effort to hang on to the hard copy, but the picture can provide a safety net in case you can’t put your hands on the original.

3. Roll your clothes.

You should always put your best foot forward, which means not stepping out in wrinkled clothing. Instead of packing an iron or hoping your room will have one, skip the creases and roll your clothes before you pack them. Rolling takes about as much time as folding, and it can help ensure your clothes look fresh out of the laundry (instead of fresh out of the suitcase) when it’s time to meet your colleagues.

4. Pack a stash of healthy snacks.

Working away from home means sacrificing a home-cooked meal or fresh fruits every day, but that does not mean you have to ditch healthy eating completely. Pack a few healthy snacks that you can eat on the go. Energy bars, granola bars and packages of nuts make quick, easy options.

Having something good to eat within arm’s reach at all times can help reduce your trips to the hotel vending machines or fast food restaurants, as well as keep you full and focused when it’s most crucial.

5. Stick to familiar foods.

When you travel to new places, it might seem enticing to sample some of the local cuisine. But to play it safe, stick to the foods your body already knows how to handle. Introducing a new food to your body can add extra stress to your digestive that is already stressed from traveling. Adding sickness on top of an important business meeting can complicate your entire trip, so focus on keeping your health in check and don’t get too brave with your food choices.

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