4 Basic Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes Marketers Need To Avoid Today

I don’t know about you marketers, but I do not build websites to gain traffic only.

Sure, I do work on developing my search presence and improving my on and off-site SEO to gain more exposure through organic traffic but conversion is more important to me than the visitors’ metrics.

Content marketing plays a significant role in conversion rate optimization. It brings traffic, but if your things are not in place, your sales and leads are not going to see a rise.

Conversion rate optimization is a science, but I’ve heard several digital marketers say CRO is all about having a good looking design. I would disagree.

Conversion Rate Optimization is complicated, and it includes a mixture of design, copy, website’s trust and a lot of other factors that most marketers overlook.

On top of that, I’ve seen websites that gain a lot of traffic, but their revenue is not so much as they expect. They do not convert well.

If you belong to the same tribe of people who feel that their CRO is in place despite which they get only a few leads, you are probably blaming on the user-behavior and overlooking your mistakes. 

Here are 4 basic conversion optimization mistakes that you need to avoid right away in order to generate more leads and sales.

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1. You Are Impatient

Trust me; conversion rate optimization requires patience. What most digital marketers new to CRO do is start a test and implement one of the winning variation quickly without waiting to see if any of the other tactics worked better in the long run. I know, we are all anxious to implement changes that show good results quickly, but they might not continue to do so forever.

If you remain patient and wait for a statistical data that is complete and targeted for different occasions, there is a higher chance that your conversion will increase. Sometimes, even the time of the day or the day of a week can impact conversion tactics, but if you gather information for a longer period, you can evaluate what works best for different times. 

A good thing to do is kill tests that are performing extremely poor out of the many tests you have, only if you are low on budget and are using ads for traffic you believe would convert.

2. Your Website Speed Is Slow

Picture this: you have a great looking website, your CTAs are beautiful enough that would make anyone click and your content is grammatically correct and engaging, but you are still not getting leads. Have you checked your website’s speed? Speed plays an important role when it comes to conversion rate optimization. It is also one of the Google Ranking factors you should not overlook. 

Tagman reports that a one second delay in page loading speed can cause seven percent decrease in customer conversion. Customer data platform QuBit also found that slow loading websites cost retailers £1.73bn in lost sales each year.

Site Speed Statistics
Source: ConversionXL

Though “page load speed” might not have enough impact on SEO and organic SERP rankings, it surely is a major concern when it comes to conversion. Every second count and if you can not maximize your chances of retaining the traffic, your earning commissions are not going to increase.

Start with removing unnecessary files and plugins. Use an efficient caching plugin, improve your image sizes and get a CDN. This will vastly improve your website speed, and your users will not abandon your site, thereby increasing opportunities for a possible conversion.

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3. Your Design Elements Do Not Blend

Design, what most consider as one of the first things for CRO, should always be ensured to run fluid on all platforms including desktop and mobile. In fact, as we are living in a post-mobile era, it is highly recommended to opt for a “mobile first” strategy to optimize the site traffic. Get your web development team to work on the mobile responsive view first before jumping into the desktop. 

Why? Because the growth in the use of mobile devices to make a purchase online has increased to an entirely new level. 

Mobile use growth worldwide
Source: Statista

Statista reports 38 percent increase in the use of mobile device worldwide in 2015 compared to 2.9 percent in 2010. The use and growth of mobile do not seem to stop anytime soon and if you become the first one to capitalize, you leave enough room for the growth.

You also need to make sure that different elements that are part of your conversation rate optimization look good together. For example, see Smile Fort Collins‘ homepage.

Smile Fort Collins Homepage

The website has big and beautiful CTAs, eye-catching copy, high-quality related image, responsive menus, trust factor and contact information, among others all at one place that looks good to any user. This is what can make a difference and improve buyer’s persona towards the website leading to a conversion. 

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4. You Are Not Using Visual Content Marketing

An image can speak a thousand words; an infographic does millions. The age of “text-only” strategy when it comes to marketing is long-gone, and if you are not able to attract an average human within 8 seconds, your traffic is not converting. This means that you need to add several design elements including images, videos, infographics, memes, presentations, table of contents, etc. that will improve the user experience on your site.

Colored visual contents are stored in human brain 70 percent faster than texts and contents with related images get 94 percent more views as well.

Content Marketing Institute reports that 73 percent of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016 while 55 percent of them focus on creating visual content. The growth looks promising.

To make your copy efficient, add several design details and optimize them for all devices. 

Hiking Bros Design of Engaging copy and design

If you are an affiliate marketer, this review of the best hiking boots can be a great example if you are looking for a content template that that is engaging. It includes a good copy and lists down the products right below in a table with different color mixtures, images and other details that appeal any users who are looking for the product of that kind.

This instantly adds more effectiveness and seeks for some attention. Use tools and plugins if you are not familiar with editing the CSS of different pages on your website. Canva is a great freemium that’ll help you in graphic design even if you are a dilettante. If you have a few more budget to spend, work together with a graphic designer to ensure your layout and presentation sticks onto your user’s screen for long. 

Final Thoughts

Conversation rate optimization is not an overnight test that can give you results. You need to get busy and gear up to use several principles of digital marketing while also ensuring that you avoid these conversion rate optimization mistakes. Though these are not the only mistakes you could be making, watching them can make a major difference in your website’s performance.

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