7 Steps to Turn Your Entire Staff Into a Recruiting Engine

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Do you still think that recruiting process is about browsing thousands of resumes trying to find the perfect candidate? Those times are gone! Learn how you can enlist your staff in attracting top talent for your business.

You can easily find new job candidates by asking your staff whether they know of someone who’s great at what they do. How does that work? Below are seven steps you can use to better streamline your company’s recruiting process by utilizing your staff.

1. Make sure your staff members get everything they want

If you want to use your employees as a recruiting engine, you need to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their job and the working conditions. If your employees talk all the time about the benefits of working for you, their friends, sooner or later, will desire to join your team and ask if there any open vacancies.

In fact, this step helps you build a proper foundation for using your team as a tool to find new candidates. Besides, it will help you reduce employee turnover.

2. Mind your reputation

Not everyone would apply for the job or send their resume to a company that has no online presence, at least on some job marketplaces. According to Glassdoor statistics, to form an opinion about a company, the average job seeker needs to read six reviews; otherwise, they don’t feel they are able to make a well-informed decision. Thus, if you want people to apply to your company, you need to make sure that your reputation is perfect. If the reviews are bad, you’ll have a hard time attracting talent. 

Not all reviews may be from your staff. Some may be the reviews of your customers. Thus, if you provide sub-par services and products, cheat clients or never meet their expectations, it will be more difficult or you to find new employees. Sixty-nine percent of job seekers stated that they would never work for a company with a bad reputation.

3. Tell your employees what positions are currently available

Your staff members should always know about the open positions in your company. It will be better to create a job board within your company where everyone can check what kind of expert you are looking for at the moment. Besides, if you know that some employees have contacts with the specialists you need, you may ask them for help.

4. Be as detailed as possible

When sending information about the available positions to employees, remember to include all of the requirements and responsibilities. In this way, it’s easier for employees to quickly determine who among their friends and ex-colleagues is perfectly suited for the job.

Here is one important thing that you should always keep in mind: Never indicate the salary or hourly rate in the job description. This is private information, and it’s better to omit this from the job description. 

5. Ask for recommendations

If you’ve noticed that the process of finding a candidate is time-consuming and no one responds to your emails, you need to use another approach. Communicate with your team more and ask direct questions about people they may recommend for a certain position.

6. Referral programs

Another step is to try a referral rewards program. Every time an employee recommends a good candidate, he or she gets a certain reward. If this candidate gets a job offer, the reward is increased. And if the candidate successfully passes the test period and starts working for the company, the reward gets bigger again. This will additionally motivate your staff to recommend only the best candidates who can reinforce and complement your business.

7. Always verify

The golden rule in hiring people who came to you by recommendation is to always verify their experience, knowledge and skills. Simply reviewing a resume is not the only way to do that as they may work with top executive resume-writing service that will create a perfect image for the candidate, but reality may be different. Thus, it is always best to ask for samples of work or to give them a test task where you can check their real skills.

Turning your staff into the knowledge base of the best candidates is great both for small companies and huge organizations. Sometimes, this resource is even better than the cooperation of several HR managers who spend weeks finding a candidate. In this way, you will be able to simplify the process of finding the best people for your team and additionally save money.

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